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I'm tired of BMW continually doing mid-year model changes and screwing over early adopters. It would be one thing if they would roll it out in the next model year. But sounds like this is a 2014.

2013: First M-sport models didn't have paddle shifters. All early model year cars didn't have tailgate handles.

2014: Pre-august build date cars don't have M badging on fenders, and now there is a materials upgrade for the interior that sounds pretty nice, along with an electronics suite update that could be important.

All of these things de-value our cars in comparison to other late model year ones. I'm fine with the normal new model year depreciation (2014 to 2015 for example), but now bmw is adding intra-model year changes as well.

On the plus side, I'm sure I'll be able to retrofit the interior upgrades. Just will cost me $$$
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