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Revisiting servotronic

I suppose this is a bit of a moot point, as it's standard now, but I've got a 28i xDrive loaner and the steering is certainly heavier than our 35i with servotronic. Ours feels overboosted in most conditions, you get used to it, but it's certainly not as nice and heavy as the loaner. It feels lighter than the stupidly heavy steering in our 135i did too. I'd call it darn near perfect, I'm impressed.

The N20 feels good too, once I put it in DS and killed the silly ASS, at least. Nice car, makes me wish they had offered Servo as an option on the 35i, from a few miles of driving, I really prefer the non Servo feel. To be honest, my wife could probably care less and would never notice, so it's not a big deal anyway.

I'd also forgotten what a pain it is to pair an iPhone with the radio, I should have just grabbed a cable, but it is kind of a funny way to see the last few people's names to drive the car, I really should change my name on my phone to something like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson.