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Originally Posted by anelson86 View Post
Photos would be appreciated. We've got an X1 coming in a few months and I'm trying to decide how best to handle our two dogs in it (both about 50 lbs). Not sure if the hammock solution would work or if we'll need to go for a proper dog gate in the back.
As I see it, it's not so much an either/or - a gate prevents dogs from getting to the front, but doesn't do anything to protect the dogs from falling down behind the seat, nor protect the interior from slobber and muddy paws.

Anyhow, this is what the "hammock" really looks like. Note that it's a generic, and is a bit droopy with the front seats far back, but still does the job. And it doesn't look like the pictures on shopbmwusa. Those are apparently of a different cover, fitted to a different car.

With seats far back, open on one side to give dogs access:
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With rear seats folded down, side panels removed and on one side (so you can see the waterproof backing):
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Detail, thick felt, but some small zipper holes:
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I tried to get a pic with a doggie in it, but she wasn't cooperative, and was more interested in chewing on a stick

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If getting a gate, make sure it covers the sides all the way, or else it's pretty useless, as the average dog takes 0.3 seconds to figure out that if it can't get through the middle, it can squeeze through on the side...
Instead of a gate, I prefer saying NO a dozen times, until the dog understands that going to the front isn't acceptable.