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Widest 18" front wheels?

I keep going back and forth on the staggered wheels option. I like the style of the 323 wheels but I don't want a staggered setup.

There are a few paths I can take but I was wondering if anyone knew how wide of wheels you can fit on the front without having problems.

The 323 option has 225/18/45 on the fronts and 255/18/40 on the rear. I live where there is a lot of snow so I'll have two sets of wheels & tires, one for summer and one for winter.

I debated going with the 323 option and buying an extra staggered setup used and using four 255/18/45 with summers and putting the winter tires on the 225/18/45. This makes it possible to rotate tires and make things a little easier, but I'm not sure you can fit a 255 on the front and what problems this might cause.