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Originally Posted by Bill B. View Post
Uhm... the information presented seems a little tinfoil hat-like. While planned obsolescence is a standard engineering practice, it is highly unlikely that BMW is going to design for failure at that threshold.

My guess is that they are having enough trouble keeping up with emissions and economy standards in their designs to both meet them and planned obsolescence to such a high degree.
Agree. I think BMW still has a 100k powertrain warranty in their CPO program (I just had a warranty repair done on a 93k X3, so at least they had it when I bought that car!) so it would make no sense for them to design the engine block to be trashed at 55k.
According to the article on MB linked above they have been using this tech since 2005. I think every car company is pushing to reduce weight and manufacturing complexity wherever possible.

They do make mistakes (google "BMW Nikasil") but I dont think they are intentionally designing things to fail.