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Originally Posted by bmw5406spd View Post
If the damage did not get into the body lines, which it dont look that way, i would try a dentless paint removal company, they have done wonderful thing on cars i thought would have to be painted or body work on, dont hurt to have one of them look at it first, that way no paint is done to car at all....looks like a shallow dent that could be removed...
I agree, a dent clinic can do wonders. After the whole thing is back as good as possible, maybe then some bondo. Too much bondo on that hole will even crack in time, especialy when is a door that you slam non stop.

However, to be honest, I will fight for a new door. They might even need to clearcoat the whole side to match the color and clearcoat nuance (most likely since they removed the back door handle). Why?
What the heck are you paying for?