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Originally Posted by qkbrian View Post
So i shouldn't be concerned that insurance company is recommending the bondo route? Just want to make sure they aren't cutting corners here to save money considering the car is just two months old.
They are cutting corners, but generally for the right reasons. Replacing the skin will involve swapping all trim over, which will greatly increase the repair bill, and as stated above, increase the odds of poor alignment, more rattles, future leaks, etc.

Here's the door, if you're curious, it's about $500:

Accidents are a pain for sure, since they've listed areas to blend, your car will have thicker paint on the front fender, rear door and likely part of the hood, things that anyone with a $200 paint thickness gauge (an invaluable tool when shopping for used cars) will quickly pick up. Now is a good time to pursue diminished value compensation from your insurance.

Follow the above recommendations for looking into a PDR guy, if they can fix it you'll save the trouble of blended paint and the risk of letting a body shop screw things up, something most are incredibly gifted at.