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Originally Posted by Curvo View Post
About to purchase the xdrive28i and still a little conflicted about servotronic or no? I would
appreciate it if a few others might weigh in about this choice and tell me what they
preferred and why. Thanks.
I think you need to decide it for yourself with test drive. However it is almost impossible to find a car with servotronic at the dealer. All servotronic does - it reduces assistance at higher vehicle speed.

To me what's more important - hydraulic or electric. I tried both. And I really did not like hydraulic. Much harder than any of cars I owned before. Even electric is fairly hard to my taste. However I never had BMW before.

Most people here who like hydraulic steering had BMW before and looking for that particular feel/experience. So it all comes down to personal preferences.

Servotronic will just make the steering feel at high speed similar to slow.