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Originally Posted by barbel View Post
(1) do all racks take the same number of skis, if so, how many?
(2) Snowboard? (or does that have to go inside somehow)
(3) is there any complication with my having the Sunroof?
Yes, the number of skis you can fit can vary.

If alpine skis, you have to make sure the bindings won't hit the sunroof. Some racks allow for alpine skis to be attached at an angle, which supposedly helps. The ones I have seen only use half the rack for this, with the rest being usable for Nordic skis or snowboards.

Others require skis to be slapped together, and fastened sideways (in which case the bindings hitting the roof isn't an issue). Make sure the tips point backwards if doing it this way.

I've also seen a rack with extra fasteners for ski poles, but it looked like a clumsy arrangement..

Being a cross country skier myself, I prefer skis to be in a bag, and the bag fastened with straps. That way, I won't damage the glide surface with road dust. I've never had to fit more than 2 pairs, but guess I could fit 4.