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first time ski rack, X1

Guys, sorry if this is too basic and/or deserves another thread. I have an X1-xDrive 2.0d, with Panoramic Sunroof. It has whatever are the standard rails for this model. I've never before fitted a ski rack, but it looks like for my next trip into the alps (I'm resident in France) I can't get away with fitting all the kit inside the car. Probably I need to carry 3 sets of regular skis, plus a snowboard.

Sorry about my ignorance, but
(1) do all racks take the same number of skis, if so, how many?
(2) Snowboard? (or does that have to go inside somehow)
(3) is there any complication with my having the Sunroof?

I see this thread talks about OE or other makes, but I'm not sure what is available in france or what I should be looking out for. I guess I could ask my local general-purpose accessories shop for their advice, or BMW themselves. But if anyone can give my some helpful advice in advance, I'd appreciate it.