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Originally Posted by Grovsnus View Post
No, they're not, but I fear you might not be aware of the instant depreciation of wheels and tires. Tires lose around 30-50% immediately by being used at all, much like shoes, and becomes a hard sell with any visible wear.
And 1400 miles is definitely used.
Rims are less subject to wear, but the buyer has to gamble on there not being any invisible damage, especially for low profile wheels.

There's also a surplus of the "standard" tires and wheels, because people often upgrade (like you did), which unfortunately pushes the price down further, compared to the top choices.

Finally, consider that the buyer will have to pay for installation and calibration, on top of what you get. It's included in the price if buying from a dealer or reputable local tire store, but if buying private, that's an extra cost.

As for me not being interested in buying, how do you know? If the price is right, buying spares is indeed on my shopping list. But in this case, I'd have to ditch the tires, as mine uses performance summer tires. $800 for the wheels without tires, seller pays shipping is my offer, and I believe it is a fair one.

Good luck; just don't be disappointed if you don't get what you hinted at in the first post. But don't take my word for it, look up used tire/wheel prices online. eBay is a good pointer.

im very aware of what wheels and tires are worth, ive been in the car business for 27 years, your values are way off for current year model OEM wheels and tires, and this style wheel is not plentiful, i have not seen one used set for sale, maybe after a few years there might be more around, also 1400 miles of use is nothing on wheels and tires, if you can find these wheels and name brand tires for the 30% value you state for current year wheels and perelli tires, yes ebay is a good site to buy from, none there for sale.. except
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