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Originally Posted by conceyted View Post
Sure. If you would like to post pictures it would be nice. I did not mean to make it sound like others have tried. I do not believe I have seen anyone else even attempt a sprint booster install. Every site I saw with the sprint booster for sale did not list the X1 as a supported model. I had a feeling it would work without issue, but since you are the first I have seen report it working I got excited.
Follows some pictures of my beloved X1 28i N20. The black in the hood is just a removable protection I put because I am often out on highways. Wheels were painted black and I added a set of H&R springs to lower the car a little. The Sprint Booster is shown in one of the pictures. Very easy to install, there are several how-tos on the Net showing how to do it. Original front grile was replaced with a black mate one. Additionally, there is the hartge module installed (no pictures there), which boosts the power to something around 295 HP.
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