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Originally Posted by HBWT View Post
OMG!!!!!! I can't wait to get out of this BASE 328i loaner. The seats are absolutely pathetic. There's a seam in the bottom and back of the seat that just won't go's trying to cut through to my spine. Seriously, this is the first car I've ever driven that absolutely made my back ACHE within a few minutes of hitting the road. HORRIBLE seats.
I have to complety disagree. I am borrowing my parents Luxury Line 2012 328i (everything on it) at the moment. I have back problems (both lumbar and cervical spine) and possibly fibromyalgia (heading back to the Dr. tomorrow). The base 328i seats are far superior to the base X1 seats. There are decent side bolsters which simply do not exist on the X1. If you are on a budget, you can get more bang for your buck on the X1 but make no doubt that a fully loaded 328i is far superior to an X1.

Originally Posted by HBWT View Post
The other thing I don't like is the super light steering...It sucks.
This base steering will be the same steering found on the base X1 sDrive. My parents have variable sport steering and it is light as a feather in parking lots and nice and tight on the road. Just as tight as hydraulic, however lacking a bit of feedback.

While they have the same engine, performance all around is a cut above in the 328i.