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I am driving an F30 2012 328i at the moment (belongs to my parent...swapped them my X1 for a while). ECO PRO on the X1 is a JOKE in comparison!!!

On the 328i, I do believe the computer MPG is lower than actual but there is an EfficientDynamics iDrive Display that graphs MPG performance between modes used (I can choose from between 15 mins and 8 hrs of data I believe). The instrument cluster is color and there is a dynamic ECO PRO display letting you know just how ECO you are driving at any given moment. (All the X1 does is inverse the ECO PRO illumination on the cluster when you are not driving ECOnomically.) There is even analog style display (SportDisplay) of HP and Torque with peak hold! I had trouble finding pictures so all are not US (I do not want to go to the garage and take any tonight!).

ECO PRO accelerates anemically on the street unless you stomp on the pedal with both the 328i and the X1 28i (I would never use this mode by choice on the street in either vehicle). However, throttle mapping is noticeably reduced with the X1 in ECO PRO but on the 328i throttle mapping is the same in ECO PRO and COMFORT (noticeably better than ECO PRO and marginally better than D/Drive on the X1 IMO). This makes freeway driving much more frustrating in ECO PRO in the X1. The 328i accelerated from 70 - 80 in about 5 seconds with marginal additional throttle input. I have to stomp on the pedal or paddle downshift in the X1 to do this (which makes me not use ECO PRO ever in the X1!). ECO PRO is tolerable with highway driving on the 328i.

BMW really needs to at least implement the iDrive features from the F30 on the X1. Also, they need not reduce the throttle mapping when moving from D/Drive down to ECO PRO on the X1.