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Hi nospam, Thanks for your well detailed comments/report. I have already had all these thoughts trying to work out best way that suits my situation/family when replacing original 17"wheels/rft,s with 18"chrome/radials. RF,s after 1 year still look new at 15,000 km,s. Once I get other wheels/radials will probably put the original in back with wheel well facing up to put stuff in wheel hole. Have thought about standing up but 7.5" wide, maybe not. With my previous XT Forester I just swaped around the bigger chrome wheels/tyres with the originals eg. Servicing-originals. Trip Away- chrome,s, etc. Untill originals were worn out or in my case sold. Probably do same then get S/Saver from BMW, unfortunately not US$ 235 where you are but Aust. DOL$ 700 where I am.