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Originally Posted by RocGuy View Post
I have an ashtray I kept from a Mini I traded in a couple of cars ago (shh, don't tell on me!) that I use for change and it fits in that spot exactly. It actually fits in that spot with the cupholder in it (it also fits in center armrest cupholder) but then you can't close the lid of the compartment all the way. So I've been keeping the second cupholder in the glove box. This is the best thing I've found for a change holder in the car so far.
Ha! How amusing! I have the old ashtray (a cylindrical cup with a flip-top lid) from my old Ford Escape that fits exactly into the silly removable BMW cupholder, while it is itself nested inside in the center console. And the console lid closes without a problem. And I too use it to store spare change for parking meters. Great minds think alike!