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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Don't forget the added pleasure of the 8s, Auto Start/Stop. I haven't missed that for one second.
Another thing I will not miss not having, the fact the 8 speed transmission cannot be towed and a service center has to be contacted in the event of a breakdown. (Pg 256 in manual). I don't remember all the details but as I recall the transmission can be damaged if towed.

The 6 speed may not be able to skip gears but in this application it seems good, have all the power you want without needing to shift it so much. To quote an interview with ZF "Is the 6-speed automatic transmission thus outdated?

Wagner: Certainly not. The 6-speed automatic transmission will continue to provide the benchmark with the reaction and shifting times of a dual clutch transmission. We also lead the competition when it comes to shifting comfort and consumption. Therefore, the 6-speed will surely remain in our program until 2015."