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Raw metal undercarriage visible from side of vehicle? Anyone?

Hi all,

I have noticed something when viewing my X1 from the side even at normal eye level. I am able to see what appears to be light silver, almost white pieces of the undercarriage of the car. After noticing this a few times I looked under the car to see if something had become lodged underneath my car, but found that it was actually part of the undercarriage. I took a few photos so everyone knows what I am speaking of. Have you all noticed this? Does this piece look like this under your car? I drove my car in Germany on snow and salt covered roads and live in a very hot climate (southern US), so it could be corrosion, but I wanted to see what this piece looks like on others' cars before mentioning anything to the dealer. If this turns out to be normal I am considering scrubbing the piece down with degreaser and then taping off and coating it in a couple of coats of durable black paint so it does not stick out like a sore thumb.
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