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As possibly the only owner to have both the All-Season P7 (18s square) and the Summer P7 (18s staggered) fitted on their vehicle back to back, I felt a noticeable difference in braking feel and performance (almost rear-ended a lady braking for no apparent reason on a mile long off-ramp in the All-Seasons). The poor braking reviews are the fault of the fitted review tires. If anyone ever reviews an M Sport with the summer P7s I expect the results will be far different.

Although Red Bread respectfully disagrees with me, I do believe the extra rubber on the back of the staggered M Sports help with braking. I read some posts on the Porsche and Corvette forums that support this view.

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I was so unsatisfied with the P7 All-Seasons that I headed back to the dealer Monday. They corrected the problem and replaced the wheels and tires with the proper staggered wheels and Summer P7s. Oh, what a difference...night and day!

The confidence in cornering I had when test driving has returned. I've also noticed an improvement in braking (as suspected). Understeer has not been a problem. I don't plan to test the handling limits any more extremely than I have so far, so understeer is no longer a concern of mine.

I am happy enough with the Summer P7s that I will not get rid of the runflats. I also don't want to give up cargo space for the donut.

In my opinion, it is better to run Summer tires and get a separate set of winter tires if your climate dictates it. The all-seasons are a compromise in every sense of the word.