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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
Based on the fact that the Cadillac ATS is beating the crap out of the new 3 series in handling many car magazines say the old 3 series handled better and steered better so that's a reason to buy the X1. 335 just lost in a comparison to the Cadillac V6 again in a Feb issue of Motor Trend. To quote Motor Trend "We were disappointed with the interior build quality of the 335". I own a 2007 335 and for that reason alone I wouldn't buy the new 3 series. Several magazines have not fallen in love with the interior. I see no difference in my 2007 3 series and X1 interior quality. I love BMW's having owned 14 but each generation gets bigger and loses steering feel and handling.
I havn't spend too much time checking the new 3 interior but to me the materials in the 3 still better than X1, especially below the dash.
IMHO The problem with BMW is not that they got worst (except the steering system which IS a lot worst); but they feel too comfortable at where they are to stepping up on what they have while other brands getting close.