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Based on the fact that the Cadillac ATS is beating the crap out of the new 3 series in handling many car magazines say the old 3 series handled better and steered better so that's a reason to buy the X1. 335 just lost in a comparison to the Cadillac V6 again in a Feb issue of Motor Trend. To quote Motor Trend "We were disappointed with the interior build quality of the 335". I own a 2007 335 and for that reason alone I wouldn't buy the new 3 series. Several magazines have not fallen in love with the interior. I see no difference in my 2007 3 series and X1 interior quality. I love BMW's having owned 14 but each generation gets bigger and loses steering feel and handling. As someone stated earlier the X1 will probably be around until model year 2016. BMW runs 7 year product cycles and the 2010 X1 initually launched in the fall of 2009 so we have a couple years before we get the front drive based X1 (another reason to buy it and hold on to it).
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