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Installed the Curt hitch today. It was more arduous than I expected largely because access to the top 2 mounting bolts is so limited. It's been a long time since I spent that much time doing physical work on my back. Uhaul said they would install it for $80 and if I were to do it again I would let them do it.

Couple of tips:
-Releasing the fascia latches from below with a screwdriver made me more confident I would not break any
-I removed the right side bottom cover, not called out in Curt's instructions, to facillitate access
-OReilly's has 1/4" black plastic rivets with screw actuation (like a Molly bolt) that eliminates the need for a special pop rivet tool. My metal pop rivet tool does not open up enough to take the shank of the supplied plastic rivets.
-I could not get a torque wrench on either of the top fastners and one of the 11/16 hex head bolts so just made them as tight as I could get them.
-Again, for $80 I would have Uhaul do it, assuming they would do a conciencious job.