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The Uhaul 3 to 2 powered interface went in fairly easily but i made ita little harder as I like everything hidden.
The wire color code in the X1 taillight connector is the as the X5 in the etrailer video. Tapped in to the left side harness through the access panel an the leads on the box were just long enough to mount the box on the bottom behind the eft hand storage cubby below ran the white ground lead up to the tail light mounting stud with the brake, running light and left turn signal wires.
Removed the black trim strip on the hatch threshold to run the power lead to the battery and the long green lead to the right taillight (it was just long enough). Fairly easy to route through the right side cubby hole and the right tail light access panel.
Mounted the box with sticky backed industrial Velcro. Lights work great. Tomorrow the hitch which just arrived today.
Don't know why they put a 2" receiver on a 2500 pound capacity hitch.