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Yes, I am taken in by ZF's 8AT propaganda but...

In my N54, the transmission was perfect as long as I was in DS-auto mode. I experienced surging and delays when driving in D and quickly downshifting 2-3 gears with the paddles which got me into some sticky situations trying to move from traffic into free-flowing lanes. I haven't experienced this with our 128i 6AT (I am not saying the GM 6AT is better, just different). The 8AT seems to be a great match for the N20/26 which is why I "downgraded" from a 335i to an x28i. I have no experience with the 8AT and the N55.

My parents don't have paddles in their F30 and I haven't truly lived with the 8AT yet. I'll be picking my x28i M Sport up Friday so I'll be able to make a fairer comparison after break in.