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Originally Posted by nospam View Post
The 8AT has the advantage of being able to directly downshift up to 6 gears at a time (8th directly to 2nd for an extreme example). The 6AT must downshift sequentially (my biggest complaint of ATs and why I drove nothing but manuals for years).

I'm sure the 8AT software is still in need of refinement but it is the superior transmission to the 6AT (and in some ways superior to a DDCT). Driving my E90 335i & my parents' F30 328i convinced me of this.

I'm not so sure BMW is going to fix the issues with the 8 speed anytime soon and they were just as bad if not worse (not just lag but surging and jerking with the additional power) on the X3 35 I drove. Then there is the funky issue with needing technical assistance of some sort in order to do something to the tranny to have the car towed? (Saw something about this on the x3 forum at some point). It seems like the primary goal of the 8 speed is increased mpgs and enabling ASS

I don't mind flicking through gears sequentially, its easy to keep in good rpms with the N55 and that transmission.