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Originally Posted by mullini
I left my garage at 5:30 am and soon eased to a stop at the first traffic light. There was that ominous "beep" of a warning/announcement. I thought, "oh no, not on a Monday morning..." - although there's never a good time for something to go wrong.

Turned out I was being informed that it was 37 F in Los Angeles, and at that temp, the ASS automatically closes down. Here's hoping I don't have that experience again...just because there have to be some advantages to living in LA, and never getting to 37 F should be one of them.

By the time I pulled off the freeway and next came to a full stop it was warm enough to re-engage.

Let me throw in a side topic - where do other X1 drivers stow their spare change/coins? I was putting it in the tray in the console compartment but the rattling was making me crazy. I don't want to leave it at the bottom of the compartment, where I'd have to fish around blindly for a quarter or two...

Guess I'll buy a small coin purse and keep it in there...In my Lexus IS250 there was am "ashtray" compartment that was perfect for coins...
I live in SoCal too but mine went off in the driveway. I heard you can code the chime out.

As for coins, I use the cup holder in the armrest. I never use that on anyway.