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Originally Posted by mullini View Post
I left my garage at 5:30 am and soon eased to a stop at the first traffic light. There was that ominous "beep" of a warning/announcement. I thought, "oh no, not on a Monday morning..." - although there's never a good time for something to go wrong.

Turned out I was being informed that it was 37 F in Los Angeles, and at that temp, the ASS automatically closes down. Here's hoping I don't have that experience again...just because there have to be some advantages to living in LA, and never getting to 37 F should be one of them.
LOL. It never occurred to me that not everyone has had to live with BMW's notorious "37 degree chime from hell!" You guys in warm places have it lucky.

Those of us in cold climates have hated this thing for years, decades even. On my E46 the chime is the same as the seat belt/ low oil pressure/ other serious stuff buzzer. You'll be just driving along and BAM!!! the damn thing goes off and you panic thinking something serious has happened and then you see the blinking 37 and you are relieved and pissed off all at the same time. And then it happens again a few minutes later, and again on the way home... You get my point.

I have seen dozens of threads over the years, and apparently this is one thing that no dealer, aftermarket company, or genius computer hacker has ever figured out how to disable. The lawyers got that sucker in there good, for sure!

Sorry. Rant over!