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Originally Posted by mullini View Post
I left my garage at 5:30 am and soon eased to a stop at the first traffic light. There was that ominous "beep" of a warning/announcement. I thought, "oh no, not on a Monday morning..." - although there's never a good time for something to go wrong.

Turned out I was being informed that it was 37 F in Los Angeles, and at that temp, the ASS automatically closes down. Here's hoping I don't have that experience again...just because there have to be some advantages to living in LA, and never getting to 37 F should be one of them.

By the time I pulled off the freeway and next came to a full stop it was warm enough to re-engage.

Let me throw in a side topic - where do other X1 drivers stow their spare change/coins? I was putting it in the tray in the console compartment but the rattling was making me crazy. I don't want to leave it at the bottom of the compartment, where I'd have to fish around blindly for a quarter or two...

Guess I'll buy a small coin purse and keep it in there...In my Lexus IS250 there was am "ashtray" compartment that was perfect for coins...
The owner's manual for your X1 lists the many different scenarios where A.S.S. will automatically prevent itself from engaging.

As for your coins, I have not looked into a solution to this issue, yet, but I think I would use a spring loaded coin holder before I used some sort of coin purse. Something like this: