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Originally Posted by adc
Originally Posted by Rockfish66 View Post
Not a dumb question, but they do. And it's substantial. Enough to essentially pay for your trip.

Maybe they get some import duty break since it's now a "used car" coming over on the boat. I honestly don't know the math, but I hope they keep it. I' haven't been able to do it yet (just bought by first ever new BMW, so missed my first ever chance!) but hope to some day.

BTW, I HAVE toured the Munich factory and if you ever are in Germany for ED or any other reason I highly recommend it.
The most plausible explanations I've come across say that you order directly from the European factory's inventory,not from BMWNA inventory. That accomplishes 2 things:
- takes BMWNA off the books money wise, thus the savings (which seems to indicate that BMWNA takes a 7% cut usually)
- allows your local dealer to sell one more car, because they have fixed monthly allocations against of which your car would otherwise be counted against.

So not only do you get a 7% discount, but the local dealer should be extremely amenable to deals and discounts. When I bought my M it was a fairly new model and great deals were hard to come by, but I got a 12% discount total. And of course, got to drive it all over Europe, do the Alpine passes, the Nurburgring, in other words the works.

It's worth checking out, especially if you already had plans to visit Europe.
The allocation not coming from the dealer has recently changed and some cars (x1 and m3 as examples) must still come out of dealer allocation, and this kills dealers willingness to sell one at $500 over ED invoice.