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Originally Posted by miataken View Post
Hope this is not a dumb question, but why would they offer a discount due to ED VS US/CDN delivery? Does it actually cost BMW less for ED?

I would think it actually cost BMW more to do an ED as they need to meet and greet you in Germany and extra communication with the local dealer.

Not a dumb question, but they do. And it's substantial. Enough to essentially pay for your trip.

Maybe they get some import duty break since it's now a "used car" coming over on the boat. I honestly don't know the math, but I hope they keep it. I' haven't been able to do it yet (just bought by first ever new BMW, so missed my first ever chance!) but hope to some day.

BTW, I HAVE toured the Munich factory and if you ever are in Germany for ED or any other reason I highly recommend it.