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Originally Posted by MrT-Man
I'm about to order my X1, & have picked out everything except for the interior. I've narrowed it down to oyster leather or beige leatherette. We've got a baby on the way, & I'd be interested in any thoughts in terms of which would be a safer choice for maintenance/upkeep.

On the one hand, leatherette is obviously more durable than leather; but on the other hand, with the oyster, you get black seat backs, black carpet, black base at the doors, etc., which are the parts that are the most likely to get dirty anyway.

I realize that both are going to require more maintenance/upkeep than black, but I've had an all-black interior for the last few years & I feel like it's time for a change... Between the two options I'm considering, what do you think would be safer? Beige for the indestructability, or oyster for the extra black bits?
Leatherette is really the best option. I have a '86 325 with leatherette and I can use a scrub brush on it. However, if leather it must be then go with oyster for the black parts. Maintenance is the same as beige and I think the thing you will be most surprised about is wearing blue jeans. They tend to rub off onto the light leather colors (depending on the jeans).