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Originally Posted by nospam View Post
I did not find the PSS harsh at all. The PSS is the best tire I have ever owned. What makes them the best is that they have a good tread wear rating but the grip of a summer tire you'd only expect 10,000 miles out of.

I'm not sure, but the PS2 or PS3 (all-seasons) are likely more comfy but with a bit less grip. Look at these or the Potenza 970 if comfort is your main concern. Tire rack has some detailed tests all using BMW 328s.
You've sold me - I'll be getting the PSS. Ironically, although the other tires you mention are marketed as having a balanced ride, at the PSS gets better ride ratings than than almost all of them, at least in terms of customer feedback. BTW have you adjusted your suspension settings when going from RFT to non-RFT? I have read that BMW tweaks its suspension specifically to accommodate RFTs. I also wonder if a tire store would swap the RFTs for PSSs with a modest fee - my dealership says it can't.