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Transmission problems. Not good.

Here's what's happened. A month ago our X1 was doing it's normal auto stop/start thing but restarted in neutral and had to be shifted into drive. Weird but whatever. I took it to our dealer to change the ASS to remember last setting and now we leave it OFF.

Today my wife is driving in bumper to bumper traffic in a mild down slope and she is braking lightly while crawling. The car hesitates in its roll and then automatically shifts into neutral with no driver input. She presses the brake, pushes the transmission lock button and tries to put it in drive but it won't go and dash lights flash (not sure which). Car then shuts down while in neutral and she can still roll. She turns it on and it's in neutral, rolls to side of road, turns car off then back on and it's fine. Restarted in park, she switches to drive and it works.

That's screwed up and dangerous. When we had our ASS turned off they admitted there is an issue with X1s going into neutral with ASS restarts but there is no fix. Our problem sounds similar but ASS is off. Has anyone had any bugs in their transmission? Other than this it seems to run fine although downshifts could be smoother when coming to a stop.