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Originally Posted by dchao View Post
....because the slot would on the driver's side in a RHD X1, and it cost too much to re-tool the center console just for the cup holder alone.
The entire dash and console is different for RHD cars, so the only cost would be the cupholder itself, not the tooling.

I would think that cupholders are a US-centric thing, but to make them only for the US market, in that case, it WOULD cost more to make a LHD console with a cupholder slot for North America, and a different one without it for the rest of the LHD world. The cupholder slot does show up in photos on the German BMW site, leading me to believe they are included in all LHD cars, but I cannot find one in any images of RHD cars.

I think it's the Cupholder itself, not the mounting slot, that would be too expensive to make in the opposite hand just for the realtively-few RHD markets.