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Originally Posted by Kool-Kat View Post
Went from a Touareg to an X1 and I have no regrets...except of course off Road ability...which the X1 isn't too bad at so far, I do agree the BMW is a bit delicate and I'm a rough kinda guy, but in exchange for a sporty, comfortable, advance car you sacrifice brute force, but to me that's jumping curbs, driving in ruts, mud and deep water...which most don't do, as long as I can throw my huge suitcase, my snowboard or music equipment in the back and take off (which I can) I'm good, you should be fine. Very sufficient for small families and couples and outdoorsy people's and btw any other car including the tiguan most peeps avoid scratching n such so...

Those are my thoughts
Ok that's a good answer. If you went from a toureg and downsized and your still fine then that's good. You do avoid scratching a car, but with the bmw I'm def overly protective. I scratched other cars before and would be upset for a couple hours then be like who cares.