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Originally Posted by Irish-Texan View Post
Had several questions (in August) about the X1 before ordering, as the online configurator was imperfect/unclear.
Asked my SA for a copy of the order guide, brought it home and did some homework as I wanted to be clear on what decisions I was about to make (after all, this is a significant purchase).
How to ensure I get the paddle shifters? Read the order guide and identified the line item that included them as a zero cost option on the order.
Can I order the satin finish wood trim on an M-Sport? No (verified with SA).
Can I special order black headliner on a Sport or XLine? Unclear, but my SA sent a query to BMW Germany. Within 48 hours got the response that black headliner would not be installed (and could not be special ordered) in any line other than MSport.
Can I get MSport with a heated steering wheel? No (verified with SA).

SWMBO and I made our decision on what X1 options to order, SA entered and printed the order, and we then went through the order line by line with our SA initialling our specific selectons (e.g. paddle shifters). Seems to me this is a critical part of the process, but not all SA's take the trouble and time, or maybe are just not equipped with sufficient product ordering knowledge.
Order released, X1 subsequently arrived exactly as ordered (with paddle shiters).

We did our homework before ordering to eliminate potential unpleasant surprises from negligence on our part, and also our SA was outstanding.
I always remember the legal expresion "Buyer Beware" and am willing to spend some time preparing before ordering.

Sorry to read that many folks have been disappointed by the paddle shifter issue, but it would seem that there are quite a few SA's who are less than expert on custom orders. If you are about to custom order, make sure you read the order line by line, ask questions, and initial your selections before it is released.

Happy trails y'all...
Nice post. Thanks! I stopped by my SA yesterday afternoon to ask if he's ever had anyone come in for shift paddle retrofit (not just for E84s) and after some talking about other things went and looked through the car legalese that is the ordering guide. It seems this should be a non-issue since paddles should be standard on the M Sport line as of the end of October 2012.

Curious, but for those that didn't get paddles but had ordered (or thought they did) them, when did you put your order in?

On a side note, you guys weren't kidding when you said the glove box was small! It's even smaller than on my coupe! Good thing there are a lot of little storage nooks in the back. Owners manual would go in one of them if I wind up w/ a X1.