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Ordered 10/4 (signed/deposit - by phone on 9/30)
Dealer said it would probably take less than 6 weeks, due to customer orders taking precedence in the system.
After dealer delays in (a) getting the order in, (b) getting a slot, and (c) finishing the paperwork, totaling 3 months instead of <6 weeks, it was supposed to be delivered at my door early morning today. Yay!

Is it in my driveway? Nope.
I can't wait to hear what the excuse will be this time.

Will our next car, to be bought later this year, be a BMW? Guess.

No matter how perfect a replacement the F31 would be for our 9-5, I'd much rather know I will actually GET a car when I need it. The V70 and E-class aren't bad wagons either, I hear, and buyers tend to get actual cars, delivered in less than three months.
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