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Originally Posted by excitablered View Post
So, I live in the Northeast of the US.

I have a X1 xDrive28i.

I want to treat my car well, but I don't want to blow money. My first two tanks, I've filled Plus with 89 octane.

Is that not recommended? On the tank cover itself it says fill Premium, but, bloody hell, I don't have money for that.
Threads like this have been discussed over and over and over on many BMW/VW/Audi, etc. forums for many years.
ALL BMW engines perform their best and get the best MPGs using higher octane fuel.
Some say 87 is fine others say 89. I say use 91 or higher. I try to ONLY use "Top Tier" Shell 93.
I've even read many posts that say something like,
"Over a 15K mile year using Premium over Mid grade may cost you an additional $600...Big F-ing deal. If you can't aford that, then you should be driving something a Camry."
Not really a quote, BTW. But also not my words.

Anyway, use what BMW recommends and enjoy your X1. That's what I say!