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Originally Posted by lilume View Post
same here on my 2013 E84, i believe the production date is 9/12/12. i bought this M sport full optioned 200+ miles demo w/deep discount ($43k MSRP, $38k out da door) on 11/17/12. i have experienced this reduced power engine light twice, both disappeared within 10mins.

dealership found DMC FC 2CAC code (whtever it means) da 1st time, electric wastegate, sluggish; DMC FC 2C58, charging pressure control, deactivation, pressure build up blocked.

da 2nd time, dealership emailed to BMW due to no clue. now they decide to put in a brand new engine from germany. will update my post (on da codes) after i got my car back in 2-3wks.

i do worry quite a bit thking if this is 1st year model syndrome (in US only, Europe & Asia have been selling x1 for the last 3 yrs) or if i bought a lemon (if da same situation happens 1 more time, mine will be considered lemon, then i guess i will have a new car.) but they gave me a new X5 loaner (for paying da payment for a X1) to drive until they finish putting in da new engine (at least 2 more wks now waiting for the engine to arrive from germany) also i will start from 0 mile (already had 2800 miles for a month of ownership.) i thk it's all good for the time being.
Well, at the very least they sound like they have treated you quite well. Here is to hoping the new engine puts your car back to normal and for good.