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Originally Posted by BEAMERBOI View Post
I would have told you the first thing to do is to read the code yourself so you know what the problem is before going in. You can do that with our CAN Tool or a JB4. If you don't have a code reader and don't want one then always remove any mods before going in.

In terms of the actual problem if you have the specific code I can give you better advice on it.

so FYI guys although they say it will not trigger any warning it will . In my case it did and now i should buy a CAN tool? i guess live and learn!
Want to know the real kicker? If anything bad happens to your engine, now, guess what is in the service records? "Aftermarket intake installed. CEL thrown due to Rich AFR condition." So you can bet they will blame that the minute anything goes wrong...

This is part of the chance you take with modding your car, especially a BMW. BMW has many ways to monitor changes made to your car. As others have stated, BMS and other companies have made tools to delete these codes so BMW service never finds them, but unfortunately it looks like they already found them in your case.

Sorry you learned the hard way.