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Yeah, that's what I gathered, but I was still holding out on hope. Thanks for crushing it. j/k One of the local dealerships had a X5 courtesy vehicle that had no nav, but the screen. Different beast, but I clung to that. I would probably just do what I do now w/ my MCS and keep a compact thumbdrive dedicated for mp3's and keep it plugged into the USB port. That's what I currently use for playing mp3 in the car. I keep a mp3 disc in the car with the mark-IV nav.

My coupe came with the thicker steering wheel and oh is it nice. Other steering wheels feel anemic compared to it. Not having ever had a heated steering wheel before, I wouldn't miss it. The M-sport line seems to have the better price since you at least get a differently tuned suspension (maybe a few different bits? probably not). As much as I like the front bumper/fascia, paying for aesthetics doesn't interest me. I'm a bit disappointed that the Sport Line doesn't have a different suspension setup.

Thanks for the inputs, btw.