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Originally Posted by nospam View Post
The business radio. Does show tag info with USB iPod/iPhone connection. The navigation however leaves much to be desired vs iDrive or the phone screen.
Thanks, nospam. Are you implying that iDrive,phone screen, and nav are not one and the same (option wise)? [This is 'hope' talking]. I know in other models, in the US, you can have the screen w/o nav. It sounded like it was all or nothing, though, for the X1. I currently have E46-era nav so I'm used to being disappointed. j/k It's not that bad, just dated.

I'm fine w/ the storage box, but it would have been nice to have the screen and not fork out for nav. Google maps on my phone is hard to beat. Currently debating a Sport vs M-sport line X1....for the money, it seems the latter is the better option. Aside from the larger/thicker side and thigh bolsters, my only other requirement is heated seats and, in lieu of a 6-sp manual, paddle shifters. It sounds like the paddle shifters would require a custom build w/ careful attention to what is optioned out. Conversely, it seems that they (the paddles) can be retrofitted fairly easily for a couple hundred bucks.