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Originally Posted by X1MRacer View Post
Ok you M snobs need to get over yourselves. BMW named this version the Msport and badged it as such by adding the M logo to the steering wheel, foot rest, door sills and wheels as such. For those of us that paid the 3k for the package we are entitled to call our X1's M's.
I bought at X1 35i M-Sport, which costs around $6,000 more than yours, but it's not an X1M. It wasn't designed and tuned by the Motorsport division, never did a single lap at Nurnburgring, and BMW does not sell it as X1M. And I wouldn't dream of calling it an X1M either.

$3,000 over base or $1,100 over the sports option does not buy you an M car. If your dealer gave you that impression, I am very sorry - you encountered a very bad dealer.

A 3 Series Coupe M-sport package starts at $42,495
An M3 coupe starts at $60,100

The X5 M-sport package starts at $61,095
The X5 M starts at $88,850

If BMW were to release an X1M, you can be certain that it would not be the 28i, and the price would be far higher.

You are free to call your car what you like, but I fear that you will be perceived as a poseur and met with derision if you continue to call it an X1M.
It's a great car, but it's a 4 cylinder with stiffened suspension and M-sport styling. If you bring it with you to a race day, I'd think your face would go red.
Be proud of having a great car. An X1.