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Originally Posted by Cfrem15 View Post
Just cause it has all those things doesn't make it M! Before I got my e84 n55 I had an e92 n55 with all the stuff! I didn't call it 335M... It's an x1 M-sport
Similar to the E46 ZHP....///M logos on the wheels, steering wheel, and to-this-day popular shift knob. 'Back in the day', the ZHP option cost more than the M-sport Line option does today. To this day, despite its continued favor, no one calls it an M car because it wasn't/isn't.

You can call your X1 whatever you want. Not only "M snobs", but BMW (and other) enthusiasts, will give you crap, though. This goes back to all the 'adding stickers/badges' to you car threads across all car forums in the world that have been beaten to death. No one slammed your mods so don't get bent out of shape. You're free to call it what you want, but don't expect everyone to agree with it since there is no real X1M, just an X1 with a factory branding package. On a side note, I'm a bit disappointed that the Sport Line doesn't come with a 'sport tuned' suspension...1.9k seems like a lot to drop for what amounts to larger side bolsters and, I'm assuming, beefier steering wheel. Seems that the Sport Line should have gotten a stiffer suspension and the M-sport Line and even stiffer one.

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