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Just closed out week #8 since I dropped deposit on Nov. 3. It was originally scheduled to arrive in NJ port on Dec 26, revised to yesterday. Dealer seemed confident it would be here next week. Started to get a little concerned with pending strike. 8 weeks is a lot of time to reconsider purchase and look at alternatives. In the end the look of the X1 still makes me smile more than others and I know the driving dynamics will keep me smiling.

Thanks to all those that contribute to this forum for keeping me entertained, educated, and reaffirming my decision. Better to hear great first hand experience than read too many reviews. Seriously, CD tore into the X1 durning their test drive after giving it a good first drive review. Funny thing is they critiqued steering where they previously said before it was better than F30, the low resistant tires with long stopping distance where the heavier X1 actually stopped 2 feet shorter than the 3, and the stop start feature, which yes could be more refined although doesn't bother me, however the same exists in 3 series. Then in the same issue, they make the F30 car one of the top 10. A little jekyll and hyde me thinks. So thanks again to those that provide every day experience making this wait not as painful!