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X1 sat nav system and dash

Before i decide to put it up in the classified section i just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in the following:

RHD X1 sat nav dash with centre channel for speaker
X1 Nav screen
CIC controller
controller frame
nav screen frame
CIC unit frame
heating control relocation frame
cic connector with pins
nav screen connector with pins
nav screen to cic LVDS cable
glovebox USB connection point
USB to cic cable

all the parts above are new except the dash/cic unit and controller but are like new

this is pretty much a full set up for anyone wanting to installst nav in their X1

The only thing you would need extra is a cic emulator which is wired into the can cables thus negating the need for any coding to be done. ( these are around 130)

i can help witht he installation as much as possible as its not very difficult to do