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8500 blue it looks like? That's still a good RD but honestly against lidar your only bet are jammers, period, and only if they're legal in your state. Interesting that you got shot in the front but it never notified. What distance does your ticket say he got you at? Over 2,000 feet, under 200 feet? I'm very curious. Lidar beems are 2'-3' at 1,000' so if he aimed low for the plate and at a close distance, it's not suprising you didn't get notified.

They'll shoot for front license first and headlights second (although if you have xenon those are harder for them to get reflections off of for some reason). The X1 has a huge frontal area that will reflect back a lot of IR for the lidar gun, even if you had a black X1, they'd still probably could get you near 2k feet easily.

BTW, it's near end of month, they need to get their "points" in, (remember, it's not a quota... *sigh*). Be careful out there!