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Merry Christmas & My first Speeding Ticket!

Well I knew it would happen sooner or later

On my Holiday 12 hr trip up to Tenn. got tag by a laser my radar did detect it but was too late in lowering my speed. 90 in a 70 right after i crossed GA /FLA line. The funny thing about this is I pulled over and knew i was cooked! The officer introduced himself and the ASk " what year is this?" meaning the car....
I said 2013 . He replied X1 I never seen one of these this is a sharp car. LOL of course i tried to get buddy buddy with him and tell him about all my MODS
and proceded to show him all the pics of the air filter under the hood and tell him i was trying it out lol he began to ask the size of the motor etc. At this point I thought I surly was going to get a warning......... a few min later....

Could you please sign here!

Oh well

Then about an hr later my service light came on (yellow)
Stayed the night in Atlanta and went to the BMW dealership to get it checked out. drove into service and within 2 min a crowd of service guys were circled my car asking questions and saying Dam! I know im boasting here but what the HELL!

Merry Christmas! Drive Safe!

PS the light was on due to some sorta air leak I have no clue they reset it and it never came back on...
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