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Originally Posted by Irish-Texan View Post
Have not had any extremes of heat or cold since delivery, but did test drive 2 dealer demos (28 and 35) in September when it was in the high 90's here in Texas, and the a/c was excellent for the front seats. Both demos had been baking on the dealer lot before our test drives. Regrettably have no idea how well it cools the rear seat passengers. Sub freezing temps due in next few days, so will be able to report on heating soon.
Thanks for responding Irish-Texan, would be helpful if you could let me know how well it heats up in the back seat

I noticed your post in the X3 forum that you also have an X3 35i M Sport (didn't notice your sig until now) I am currently debating between that and the X1 35 M Sport and having the hardest time figuring this car purchase out. Things like this lack of rear vents are a mark against the X1, and the trunk not really being practically bigger then the E90, but it stays in the running due it's handling. Test drove a loaded X3 today and it felt softer and more disconnected even with the m sport and dynamic dampening. It's a nice car no doubt I'm just not used to the SUV thing I guess. Perhaps i just need to adapt - it would be more practical considering the kiddo. But hard to dismiss the better steering /road feel etc of the X1