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BTW - hit a pothole in the x-line x1 last night and heard a big "ka-CLUNK!" I immediately thought of your comments on the m-sport suspension, I get it.

As for the XC60R - I drove that car pretty extensively and don't think it's really in the mid 5's. The X3 is quicker. Not by a ton, but you can feel the difference. Also nowhere near as planted as the X3, and nothing like the X1. The XC60R is a great car...if my wife liked it more I'd probably bite. I think the X3's interior looks better, personally, the dash materials are cheap in the R. That whole "T" design on the dash is just plasticky and cheap looking and the nav screen looks small because of it. However, the citysafe mode is cool and the little thoughtful pieces like the trunk setup for groceries and the incorporated kids seats, etc are really really cool. And in terms of price, you can score one for high 40's no problem. I think it's also the best looking SUV out there.

However, I'd take an X3 35i M given the choice between the 2.